Ocean Stewards' Work Areas

  • Industry representation to encourage rational, considered development of open ocean aquaculture in U.S. waters, and beyond.
  • Provide information to the public, consumers, industry colleagues, and Federal and State representatives on offshore aquaculture potential and challenges.
  • Provide recommendations for legislative or regulatory reforms that would allow for expansion of responsible open ocean aquaculture.
  • Advocating for increased offshore aquaculture research funding and development assistance on the Federal level.
  • Working with Federal agencies and environmental organizations to establish best practices for offshore aquaculture.
  • Establishing a networking forum for consideration of industry-related issues such as diving standards and insurance, and providing access to information on equipment and products.
  • Providing input to global marine spatial planning to ensure that open ocean aquaculture is included in planned developments and uses of open marine waters.
  • Expand the scope and focus of the organization beyond the United States including international operations, to promote a sustainable global open ocean aquaculture industry.
  • Educate the public about the benefits of open ocean aquaculture, with a public relations campaign focused on the positive developments in the industry, the healthfulness of our products, and the potential to responsibly expand to meet global seafood demands.


“The health of all life on this planet depends on the health of the oceans. It’s just good business.”

— Christopher Moore