About US


The Ocean Stewards Institute is a trade organization advocating for the emerging open ocean aquaculture industry. Members include open ocean aquaculture, seafood trade and supporting industries. Affiliate membership is offered to interested individuals and parties in government agencies, academia, NGOs and the media.

The Stewards assert that increased production of environmentally sound, healthful, high quality seafood from open ocean waters is an environmental, economic and public health imperative. Yet we also understand and attest that this opportunity must be balanced by a strong sense of protection of the ocean’s imperiled ecosystems.

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Our Mission

To represent and work towards the best use and management of the open oceans, meeting the increasing demand for healthful seafood, through appropriate balancing of the expansion of environmentally sound open ocean aquaculture, with protection of open ocean resources and habitats.


“We must learn to farm the ocean as we farm the land”

— Jacques Cousteau

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Our Members